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Air Pollution Measurements in Moscow

Map of air monitoring system in Moscow

1. Air monitoring system in Moscow

2. Main terms and definitions used

LV ms maximum single limit value of substance concentration in the air of inhabited areas, mg/m3. This concentration is not to give rise to the reflex response in human beings in case of inhaling during 20-30 min ["maximum limit" is known also as maximum allowable concentration, maximum permissible concentration, maximum concentration limit].

LVda - maximum daily average limit value of substance concentration in the air of inhabited localities, mg/m3. It is not affects human health in case of permanent influence during years.

Class of hazard characterize air pollutants' degree of danger for human beings. There are 4 classes of hazard:

  1. extremely hazardous substances
  2. highly hazardous
  3. hazardous
  4. moderately hazardous

2.1 LVms and LVda for pollutants measured by ACS network

2.2 ACI (Air Contamination Index)

3. Air contamination sources

4. General air pollution characteristic

4.1 Pollutants' concentrations for different sites

5. Moscow air pollution by ACS data

5.1 Monthly average CO concentration (in LVda parts)

5.2 Daily average NO2 concentration changing

5.3 Daily average NO concentration changing

5.4 Monthly average NO2 concentrations

5.5 Monthly average NO concentration

5.6 Daily average SO2 concentration changing

5.7 Monthly average SO2 concentrations

5.8 Monthly average O3 concentrations

5.9 Daily average O3 concentration changes

5.10 Monthly average small suspended particles PM10 concentration, mg/m3

5.11 Monthly average hydrocarbons concentrations, mg/m3